Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance is the money one spouse may be required to pay the other spouse after divorce. While spousal maintenance may be set for life, it is generally awarded for a specific period of time.


Some of the things the courts consider to determine the amount and length of time a person pays maintenance: 

  • The income and property of each spouse

  • The length of the marriage

  • The age and health of the parties

  • The present and future earning

  • capacity of both spouses

  • The ability of the party seeking maintenance to become self-supporting, and the time and training it will require

  • Whether one spouse will have trouble finding work due to age or absence from the workforce

  • The wasteful dissipation of marital property by either spouse

  • Plus any other factor that the court expressly finds just and proper

  • Spousal Support in New York –


Temporary Spousal Maintenance
If spouses are in the midst of divorce, a spouse who earns less than his or her spouse may be eligible for temporary spousal maintenance, or spousal support, while the divorce case continues.

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