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Practice Areas

Chase Law was established to provide individuals with sound legal advice and thoughtful representation. Even when no one is to blame, divorce is often stressful. It is never easy finding ways to split one house into two, especially when there are children involved. Ms. Chase can help you get past the emotional roadblocks that can derail a divorce and onto legal solutions that work for you and your children. Chase Law has deep experience and a wealth of knowledge in helping families navigate intricate family and matrimonial legal matters.

What you can expect from Ms. Chase:  

  • She will help you define your goals and priorities

  • She will let you know what to expect at each state of the legal process

  • She will make sure opposing counsel and the Judge take your legal position seriously

  • She will provide you with accurate information and sound advice from your initial consult to final disposition

  • She will provide you with a skilled and confident negotiator and seasoned litigator