Collaborative Law

Divorce does not have to be lengthy, expensive, and stressful. 

A collaborative divorce in New York is a matrimonial dispute resolution process whereby both parties and their lawyers commit themselves to resolving their differences fairly and equitably without resorting, or even threatening to resort, to the courts.​

The collaborative law process is more cost-efficient, effective, and amicable than traditional divorce methods.

The adversarial judicial system is often ill-equipped to handle the emotionally-charged process of dissolving a marriage, and many divorcing couples want to avoid litigation.

The attorneys representing the parties in collaborative law agree to help resolve the issues using cooperative rather than adversarial methods.


Collaborative lawyers employed in this practice agree in advance to:

  • Remove litigation as an option. If settlement discussions fail, the parties must hire separate counsel if they choose to go to court;

  • Not use the threat of litigation as a negotiating tool;

  • Provide complete disclosure with full documentation but without formal proceedings;

  • Use joint experts with respect to valuation questions;

  • Settle custody differences without subjecting either the parties or the children to court-ordered forensic evaluations; and

  • Focus efforts and skills on creative problem solving.

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